Pandemic Mania


A viral pandemic striked the world in year 2020. The disease caused by a new type of virus is spreading among people like an avalanche. Only a slight contact with an infected person is enough to transfer the virus.

The world is not ready for a pandemic of such extent and there is an urge to act quickly.

You have been chosen as a hero who must save the world. Build sufficient infrastructure of hospitals and cure people with pills.


  Pandemic Mania hero HERO
  Pandemic Mania hero HEALTHY PERSON
  Pandemic Mania hero INFECTED PERSON
  Pandemic Mania hero PATIENT ZERO

Healthy person catches the disease after a contact with infected person, if they don't carry any pills.
Infected person gets cured after picking up a pill.
Cured person can pick up extra pill to carry.
If a healthy person carrying extra pill meets infected person, the infected person gets cured. The healthy person loses the pills.
Every infected person will be cured in a hospital and will gain a pill.
The only person who doesn't react to any treatment is a patient zero. He can't be cured by a pill, a hospital, nor by a healthy citizen with a pill which is also a way how to recognize him. Eliminate patient zero by touching him and stop spreading the disease. Only you can cure him.
You as a hero will get 12 pills in a hospital.
You as a hero need to stay absolutely healthy. Avoid any contact with an infected person (except for patient zero). The game is not over if you get infected, but it won't allow you to control your hero. Wait until you are cured.
Build hospitals and throw pills around until you cure everyone. You are here to save the world. Good luck!

In memory of the world before 2020