Pandemic Mania


Here you can find some tips and tricks for the game Pandemic Mania:

It is possible that the game won’t run smoothly on some mobile devices and the player can have a feeling of slowness or experience lagging. Please close all the extra web browser tabs or end as many open apps in the device as possible for the best performance of the game.
Some users prefer playing games on touch screen of their mobile devices rather than using PC, however players using their computer keyboard are likely to be more successful in the game and reach to higher positions in the leader board.
Beginnings are always difficult and some of your first attempts may not end by placing yourself at one of the top spots in the leader board. But practice makes perfect – don’t give up and try to dethrone even the biggest masters.
Pandemic Mania is a one player game, but you can still measure your skills with other players. Share the game with your friends and challenge them for the best place in the leader board.